Welcome to The Swords & Wizardry Companion

Welcome to The Swords & Wizardry Companion. This site’s main focus is to support the Swords & Wizardry Role Playing Game, including both the Core Rules as well as the WhiteBox Version from Mythmere Games

The Swords & Wizardry Companion will strive to offer free resources, gaming aids, adventures, as well as various S&W related odds and ends. Hopefully, the Companion will provide something useful for everyone.

The Swords & Wizardry Companion is divided into four sections; Adventures, Resources, Odds & Ends, and Links.

The Adventure section of the site consists of adventures for use with S&W or other classic era RPGs. You'll also find Quick-Play Adventure, which are small adventures (1 to 2 pages) that you can run your players through between larger quests.

Within the Resources section of the site you'll find new rules or rule variants for Swords & Wizardry, as well as gaming aids, character sheets and other resources to help run your S&W game.

Odds & Ends is where you’ll find material which does not fit in any of the other sections.

Links will list online sites, forums, and resources relevant to Swords & Wizardry and classic gaming.

What is Swords & Wizardry?

From Mythmere Games:
"Swords & Wizardry (TM) is a "retro-clone" of the original version of Gary Gygax's fantasy roleplaying game, which was published in 1974. In other words, S&W is the "rules" of the original system, reconstructed and re-described using the "System Reference Document," an open license provided by Wizards of the Coast, Inc., the publishers of Dungeons & Dragons and owner of the "intellectual property" of Dungeons & Dragons. Again, Swords & Wizardry is not compatible with their editions. It's a whole different game - faster, less based on rules, and highly adaptable. It's our goal to rebuild an old approach to fantasy gaming; where imagination tends to replace rules, where rules are easily customized, and where there's less "procedure" intruding on the fantasy. We're supplying a toolkit for fantasy gaming, and what you do with it is up to you - there are no "official" answers, and no "official" procedures, and not even any "official" rules if you're in the mood to tinker. You just take the game's basic elements and then, as we say, "Imagine the hell out of it.""

Companion News.

March 22, 2009: Added the Jester Class and Additional Weapons document to the Resources section.

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